Remote Patient Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide

senior woman reading book in bed wearing a continuous glucose monitor

Remote Physiologic Monitoring, commonly known as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), has redefined the way medical practitioners can treat their patients. With RPM, they can keep tabs on patients in between face-to-face visits and provide more personalized care. Effective RPM practices lead to improved patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and a more proactive approach to healthcare. In […]

The Vital Role of Pharmacists in Remote Patient Monitoring

pharmacist putting medication up on shelf

The world of Medicare is constantly evolving to allow practitioners to provide effective patient care outside the clinic. For instance, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a form of telehealth that allows a patient’s health status to be conveniently monitored from their own home and remotely reviewed by their healthcare providers. Remote Patient Monitoring can vastly […]

Three Practical Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

elderly woman taking husband's blood pressure

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has become a game-changer in healthcare for patients, practitioners, and pharmacists alike. Improved patient outcomes, easier Medicare billing for practitioners, and increased revenue streams for pharmacists are just a few of the far-reaching benefits. Here are three important reasons why you should use remote patient monitoring.   1: RPM Improves Patient Outcomes […]