Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has become a game-changer in healthcare for patients, practitioners, and pharmacists alike. Improved patient outcomes, easier Medicare billing for practitioners, and increased revenue streams for pharmacists are just a few of the far-reaching benefits. Here are three important reasons why you should use remote patient monitoring.  

1: RPM Improves Patient Outcomes

A recent randomized controlled trial has shown that RPM helps improve patient outcomes. The monitoring provided by RPM fosters a sense of control, empowering patients to actively participate in their own healthcare management. RPM also allows for early detection of fluctuations, enables timely interventions, and reduces the risk of complications. Plus, any concerns the patient has can be addressed by the patient’s care team over the phone, eliminating the need to wait until the patient’s next in-person appointment to discuss concerns or receive guidance. This level of engagement leads to better health outcomes and enhances the patient’s overall quality of life.  

Remote Patient Monitoring not only makes patients happier and healthier, it also gives them more confidence in managing their conditions. Patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes or hypertension can benefit significantly from RPM. Through the use of RPM devices, patients can monitor their vital signs from the comfort of their own homes. This includes heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, and more. 

2: RPM Also Benefits Providers

For practitioners, the advantages of RPM extend far beyond patient outcomes. Utilizing beneficial software like ValueCare Suite for your Remote Patient Monitoring services simplifies the process of tracking and billing Medicare services. Choosing the appropriate software offers numerous advantages for healthcare providers, such as:

Its more efficient managing and billing system helps practitioners see a notable increase in revenue streams. Proactive care also has the potential to reduce hospital readmissions and emergency room visits. 

By providing access to continuous and accurate patient data, RPM helps doctors make more informed decisions about treatment plans. 

Proactive monitoring enables practitioners to identify and treat potential issues before they escalate, resulting in healthier patients.

Meeting the requirements for Medicare Access and the CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is more attainable with the comprehensive data provided by RPM. This helps improve your Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) scores. 

Informed and engaged patients are more satisfied with their care, creating a positive feedback loop for both patients and practitioners. 

These automated summaries simplify your billing procedures and streamline administrative work.

3: RPM Revolutionizes Pharmacy Practices

Pharmacists also stand to gain significantly from Remote Patient Monitoring, because it allows them to collaborate more closely with practitioners. Here are a few ways in which pharmacists can benefit from assisting with RPM services:

Partnering with practitioners in managing patient care plans can open new avenues for pharmacies to generate revenue. While pharmacists cannot bill Medicare for reimbursement, providers may contract pharmacists as clinical staff to assist in delivering Medicare services, such as RPM, and will compensate them for the services rendered. Since these programs fall under the general supervision of the provider, they are billed as “incident-to” services by the provider.

Pharmacists play a crucial role in patient care, including in medication management. RPM gives pharmacists access to a wealth of real-time data that can inform medication adjustments as well as adherence monitoring. With these insights, pharmacists can also inform practitioners of potential issues their patients are having.  

RPM also facilitates communication between pharmacists and practitioners. The shared data ensures that healthcare professionals are all on the same page, fostering a collaborative approach to patient care. This synergy is essential for optimizing medication management and improving patient outcomes. 

Get Reliable Remote Patient Monitoring Software from ValueCare

RPM offers transformative benefits for patients, pharmacists, and practitioners alike. It streamlines preventive care and helps build safer, more accurate, and more affordable healthcare practices for the future. If you’re interested in RPM for your patients, contact ValueCare Suite to book a software demo. We’ll provide you with the systems you need to bill Medicare for remote care. 

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