The ValueCare Suite Difference

We provide you with the most efficient tools to manage patients at every level without increasing your workload.

The problem

Not enough time

Providers time is fully utilized in face to face in-office visits and documentation. 

More often than not, providers won’t participate in reimbursement programs because they don’t have time for the additional work and documentation.

The challenges

End to end touchpoint care

Even with the best of intentions, patients can fall through the cracks.

Multiple studies have proven that utilizing remote patient monitoring and/or chronic care management results in:

The opportunity

Utilize technology

 to help providers offer preventative care without increasing workload.

Telehealth is a HUGE clinical and financial opportunity with proven increased positive patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.  However, unless the provider is structured as fully Value Based Care, the reimbursements are negligible, multidisciplinary collaboration and documentation is cumbersome, and monitoring for goals and outcomes is tedious and difficult to track.

The Solution

ValueCare Suite + BlackBox RPM

From Remote Patient Monitoring to Reimbursement Workflow

No other solution addresses every part of the process.

Care plans, auto-generated based on diagnoses and patient interview discerning needs and concerns.   The care plans are tied to interventions, goals, plans and outcomes that document patient management in a collaborative and flexible structure.  

The Original care plan becomes a living document that is changed as needs arise and as goals are reached.  It is based on our partner Eventium – database used nationally in software for homecare, and EHR’S, constantly updated with over 120 sources used to keep data current for evidence-based care.

Population health- When using the generated and structured careplans, and NF2F structured visits.   Data is generated that parallel the data generated by Castell for “at risk” patients.  This adds to the Value for our patients both individually and as a group.

No restriction on NF2F care and monitoring- Medicare has not limited the amount of care that can be given, nor the time frame for giving it.   Medicare anticipates this would be a way to care for chronic conditions for the life of the patient.  Thus helping patients to live the healthiest lives possible.

Automatic integration

Manage patient visits, care plans, vital monitoring devices, billing and more from within ValueCare Suite.

Hardware made for real life.

We’ve partnered with BlackBox RPM hardware to provide a seamless end-to-end care experience for physicians and patients.

BlackBox‘s monitoring hardware is proven to be accessible for patients with minimal steps including equipment set-up, with one step, seamless capture and electronic transmission of data.

Meet our team

Awesome people behind us

ValueCare Suite was developed by a small team at home when the Co-Founder and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Joan Shelley, ran into challenges implementing and scaling Chronic Care Management in her clinic successfully.

Bringing Loving Care to Health Care.​

Joan Shelley is exceptional in her field; I feel very fortunate to be seen by her. She obviously continues to be informed about medications, new research, and ways to improve the health and quality of life of her patients. She listens well, and has a remarkable talent for explaining things so they are understandable and motivating. She explains anatomy so I know what's happening in my body. She explains my medications so that I understand how they work. This technique makes me a partner in maximizing my health. She also routinely notes what I'm doing right, which encourages me to continue my efforts to be as healthy as possible. I am very grateful for her and feel very fortunate to be under her care.

Geriatric Patient of Joan Shelley, NP